The MOMS® Club of Trumbull, CT is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping

local moms navigate motherhood with support, friendship, and community.
We are MOMS Offering Moms Support®.

Upcoming Events

Kids' Day Out 

This month we will meet up to have lots of messy fun baking and decorating cookies!

We offer a variety of playgroups both by age group and club wide. Playgroups meet at locations such as local parks, farms and indoor jungle gyms. Members are also welcome to host a get together.

Moms' Night Out 

This month we will have our annual Favorite Things get together! This is a great time where we each share one of our must have items with the group and everyone takes home a fun new item!

Family Fun

Every year we have lots of events that are for the whole family. Events may include an Egg Hunt and Halloween Costume Party.

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